Arcade (Old)

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This is a past version of the arcade.

An Arcade Battle is initiated from the Arcade Pod

An Arcade battle is a normal Solo Battle in which you use 5 Battle Tokens, which you earned from previous battles.

You must win the battle to get a chance to receive a prize. There is a chance that you don't get any prizes at all.
There is a 27.4% chance to win a prize, and far less chance to win a jackpot.
This is the list of prizes that can be won from an Arcade Battle

Prizes Rarity
50 Credits Very Common
100 Credits Very Common
250 Credits Very Common
500 Credits Common
1000 Credits Common
10,000 Credits Rare
New Home Rare
Assault Bot E Very Rare
Hoverbike Very Rare

If you have already won the Jackpot prizes before, you will receive 10,000 credits instead.