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The following are the editing guidelines of the wiki. Be sure to read all them, along with the rules, before editing pages.

Editing Guidelines


  • When creating a new page, please use the proper template to create the page. A list of all available templates can be found here.
  • For any text on the page, please use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. Also be sure to follow how the text is presented in-game.
  • Place holders (such as "under construction") should not be used to "claim" a page.
  • Irrelevant information (such as your signature or name) should not be added to any pages. An exception to this would be if the item was suggested by you.
  • Before saving any page, always use the "show preview" button to ensure that everything looks good, and to avoid any additional edits needed to fix the page.
  • The formatting of all content pages must match previously made pages in the same category.
  • Mission pages must be created with the text after the mission has been completed. You may re-visit the NPC to view the mission complete text again if you have accidentally closed it.


  • Although not necessary, it is preferred if you unequip all equipment before screenshotting an item image to ensure that nothing is in the background.
  • All item images (such as armors, weapons, etc) should be 150 pixels tall and 150 pixels wide, with horizontal increments of 5 pixels when needed. The image must not be smaller than 150x150 pixels.
  • All achievement images should be 170 pixels wide and 200 pixels tall. Please include any corresponding text when cropping achievements from your achievements page.
  • All area images should be exactly 900 pixels wide and 600 pixels tall and must be edited properly so your character is not located in the screenshot.
  • All other content images should be cropped to the nearest 5th pixel. (ex. An image of 543x231 should have been cropped to 545x230)
  • All content images must be originally saved and uploaded in the .PNG format.
  • All content images must be originally saved on the HIGH game quality.
  • Images for your own use should have a specific title relating to your image and your name in the image. (ex. character_id_white_tiger.png)


  • Your faction page must contain the "Faction:" prefix. For example, Eternal Paradise's faction page would be Faction:Eternal Paradise.
  • You are not required to use the Factions Template, but you must include [[Category:Factions]] if you choose not to use the template.