Arctic Antagonism

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Arctic Antagonism
Permanent Mission
Avatar Slayer.png
Location: Slayer (Barrens Outpost)
Challenge and defeat any of the following NPCs 5 times:
Frost Reaper
Yeti Hulk
Reward: 400 Credits
Mission Chain: Slayer's Bounty (Mission Chain)
Marauder Matchup > Hazard Handler > Arctic Antagonism > Crushing Chitin > Dragonoid Duster > Bone Breaker > Abyss Anarchy > Preternatural Prey > Monarch Massacre > Slayer's Slaughter
Mission Text
Before Completion
I once stalked Frysteland with the best Krampus tamers to capture the largest, most fearsome Yetis for the grand winter feasts! Sadly, that land has been torn apart by war and Alydriah's twisted corruptions of the indigenous life. Do a kindness for my Krampus friends and vanquish 5 Yetis.
After Completion
Very good. Did you run into Hulnas the Tamer while you were in Frysteland? Ha! He still owes me a Yeti-skin rug from our last expedition!
Endangered or not, a pact is a pact!