Axe the Krampus

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Axe the Krampus
Event Mission
Avatar Deuce.png
Location: Deuce (Wasteland)
Objective: Turn in 4 Krampus' Curse Axe P
Reward: 3000 Credits
Mission Chain: Krampus Curse Collector
Sword of the Krampus > Krampus Spirit Sword > Claws of the Krampus > Glowing Claws of Evil > Axe the Krampus > Krampus Spirit Axe > Krampus Crackles > Krampus Catalyst > Krampus Caliber > Krampus Blaster (Mission) > Krampus Cannon (Mission) > Krampus Kaboom > Krampus Battle Test
Mission Text
Before Completion
Nothing beats a good axe. I remember the axe of this set being especially brutal. Find 4 copies of the Krampus Curse Axe P so I can bask in its horrific glory.
After Completion
It's even sicker than I remembered. I wonder what the energy version looks like.
  • The items will not be removed from your inventory when you complete this mission.