Axes of Fire

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Axes of Fire
Event Mission
Avatar Bido.png
Location: Bido (Afterlife)
Objective: Turn in 6 Frozen Frenzy Axe P
Reward: 5000 Credits
Mission Chain: Frozen Frenzy Collector
Swords of Fire > Swords of Ice > Claws of Fire > Claws of Ice > Axes of Fire > Axes of Ice > Staffs of Fire > Staffs of Ice > Frozen Frenzy Test > Frozen Frenzy Finale
Mission Text
Before Completion
I feel that the theme of these weapons are best expressed in the brutality of the Mercenary weapons. Bring me 6 copies of the Frozen Frenzy Axe P, and I'm sure you'll be eager to learn the ways of the Mercs if you haven't already!
After Completion
Look at that! Positively chilling!
  • The items will not be removed from your inventory when you complete this mission.