Bargain Brain

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Bargain Brain
Event Mission
Avatar Mirv.png
Location: Mirv (Barrens Outpost)
Objective: Turn in 1 Dragonoid Spawn Parts C.
Reward: 10000 Credits
Mission Chain: Hunter of Nightmare Part 2
Signal Seeking > Silent Scavenger > Dragonoid Dissection > Marauder Balk > Bargain Brain > Antagonistic Analysis > Drone Distraction > Charfaded > Malevolent Mirv > Dragonoid Essence
Mission Text
Before Completion
Word in the Barrens is that a Marauder that got away from you was able to deliver Dragonoid parts back to the Dragonoid Ship parked out in the Turret Field. My money is that he took the parts directly to the Dragonoid Brain.

Bash that brain and get my parts back!
After Completion
Finally, I can work in peace!