Bio Guard Guidance

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Bio Guard Guidance
Event Mission
Avatar Xraal.png
Location: Xraal (Biological Preserve)
Objective: Challenge and defeat Bio Guard 5 times.
Reward: 1500 Credits
Mission Chain: Gourd Gone Wild
Bio Guard Guidance > Waste Reduction > Teething on Toxins > Quarantine Zone > Perilous Pacifier > Sinister Sample > Sugar...Water > Balanced Diet (Gourdy) > Gourd Gorging > Cutest Clipping > Pumpkin Lord Rises > All Hail the Pumpking
Mission Text
Before Completion
I hope you can help me with a dispute I'm having with the guards deployed to the Biological Preserve. They've been blatantly dumping toxic waste within the preserve grounds against my wishes. This violation places all the precious life within this dome is grave jeopardy so there must be swift consequences! Challenge and defeat 5 Bio Guards to teach them to respect Nature.
After Completion
The guards have been punished, but the damage has been done, I’m afraid. There's more work to do!