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Permanent Mission
Avatar Krampus Technician.png
Location: Krampus Technician (Frysteland)
Objective: Turn in 3 Gunpowder Kegs.
Reward: 500 Credits
Mission Chain: Mages Only
Mindful Mage > Boom! > Rage and Grace > Science and Magic > Imagination
Level: 5
Class: Mage
Mission Text
Before Completion
I really think the guards are forgetting that Fenris and I are here. I mean, Fenris has been moving freely as of late- most of his wounds are scarred over and healed by now. But I'm planning something big to get us out of these cages for good. Bring me back 3 kegs of gunpowder, and you'll get a sweet reward along with your next assignment.
After Completion
This is perfect! If I can get all the Mages to bring me these powder kegs, I can blow these cages to smithereens! Hahaha! While I set these up, go see my girl Talia for an assignment.