Breaking Bad

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This mission was introduced during a special in-game event or offer and may no longer be available.

Breaking Bad
Event Mission
Avatar Habuki.png
Location: Habuki (Fortune City)
Objective: Challenge and defeat Oz 1 time.
Reward: Crystal Grenade
Mission Chain:
Drums of War > Pretty Deadly > Time to Upgrade > Ghosts of the Past > Breaking Bad > Break on Through (Mission) > Promises Promises > Flash and Guile > Broken Home > The Opposite of Love > Blue Orchid > Diamonds and Rust
Level: 20
Alignment: Legion
Mission Text
Before Completion
Lorenzo Ozimus was one of my brothers-in arms. I handed him his medal at his graduation from the Academy, and handed him the rings at his wedding. I even protected him when he tried to storm the Citadel. I don't know what made him fall so low, or what made him turn to anarchy. Maybe a defeat will make him take down the mask, even just for a minute.
After Completion
I still cannot accept this. Even after all these years, I refuse to believe these two are the same man. This conflict is not my conflict. You should report back to the Commander.