Caden's Reverie

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Caden's Reverie
Event Mission
Avatar Caden.png
Location: Caden (Wasteland)
Objective: Turn in 1 Nightmare Crystal.
Reward: 1000 Credits
Mission Chain: The Pirate's Nightmare Part 1
Tides of Fear > Clear the Docks > Grim Catch > Gamma Glitch > Something's Fishy > What Do Gods Fear? > Caden's Reverie > Research Trip > You Saw This Coming > Status Report
Mission Text
Before Completion
STOP! I know exactly what you have there. Quickly, give it to me for the answers you seek!
After Completion
Ha! Did you think it would be that simple? One thing I've learned in all my years is to never work for free. You'll have your answers, but first, a task!