Captain Murdoc

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Captain Murdoc
Captain Murdoc.png
You call that a Yeti? That's not a Yeti. That's just a marshmallow furball! Looks like it's eaten a few too many wild nilgoms! Yetis enter my training and they leave killing machines! Those that fail – well, where do you think I got these pelts? He! He! He! He!

If you're too scared of me harming your poor little mush ball during my missions, you can skip to the last one and buy an Omega Yeti serum for an instant Omega Yeti. Just hit 'im with the riding crop if it pees on the carpet.

I only train Dark Yeti Warriors. Talk to my assistant if you don't have one yet.
Location: Frysteland
Shop: Captain Murdoc's Inventory
Missions: Captain Murdoc's Missions
Stats & Skills
1200 Health
700 Energy
Primary: Energy Damage (Arctic Baton)
Sidearm: Energy Damage (Super Freeze Blaster)
Auxiliary: Physical Damage (Legion Cannon)

ArtilleryStrike.png Berzerker.png BunkerBuster.png DoubleStrike.png FieldMedic.png Maul.png StunGrenade.png

Awards Murdoc's Helm achievement if defeated.
  • Can change your alignment to Legion.