Celestial Cannon

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Celestial Cannon
Event Mission
Avatar Charfade.png
Location: Charfade (Barrens Outpost)
Objective: Challenge and defeat Legendary M4tr1x once.
Reward: Titan Blast
Mission Chain: Titan's Tyranny Part 3
Void Harvest > Nuclear Pickpocket > Elemental Engineering > Encroaching Roaches > A Better Brain > Angelic Ammo > Celestial Cannon > Divine Protection > Pierce the Nightmare > Godkiller (Mission)
Mission Text
Before Completion
For the next core, you'll need to take on Legendary M4tr1x. This won't be easy, but if you can beat Nightwraith, M4tr1x should be cake!
After Completion
Two down, two to go. You can equip this core to an auxiliary to augment your firepower against Nightmare Titan.