Challenge Complete!

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Challenge Complete!
Event Mission
Avatar Charfade.png
Location: Charfade (Barrens Outpost)
Objective: Turn in 1 Charfade's Armor.
Reward: Charfade's Challenge Slayer
Mission Chain: Charfade's Challenge
A Light Dust Up > Dragonoid Removal > Dragonoid Removal Plus > Half Pint Knight > Charfade Training > Legend of Charfade > Legendary Revenge > A Brain Reborn > Your Worst Nightmare > Challenge Complete!
Mission Text
Before Completion
I bet my armor will look great on you! Could I see it one last time for a quality inspection?
After Completion
Perfect! Take care of it, now! Thanks for all your help!
  • Charfade's Armor will not be removed from your inventory when you complete this mission.