Chump King

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Chump King
Event Mission
Location: Revontheus (Fortune City)
Objective: Challenge and defeat Hank 1 time.
Reward: 1000 Credits
Mission Chain: Lionhart Alliance Part 1
The Proposition > A Fair Hair > Chump King > Turn the Tide > Tough Stuff > Inside Job > Call a Tactician > Fearless Leader > Exile Rally > Legion Rally
Mission Text
Before Completion
I loooove cakes, don't you? Well, doesn't matter -- we are going to need Hank on our side if we have any chance to get supplies for our war. Hank is a stubborn man who's grown tired of war, and he won't join us so easily. You will have to challenge and defeat him or else he will just think you are just another chump on the streets. Prove him wrong.
After Completion
Wow, you won? And we have endless access to his cake inventory! Sweet! ... literally. Well at least we won't be going hungry any time soon. Excellent work.