Conjure the Wind

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Conjure the Wind
Event Mission
Avatar King Alaric.png
Location: King Alaric (Frysteland)
Objective: Win 5 random team (2vs2) battles.
Reward: Bag of Wind Shards
Mission Chain: Frozen Fury Part 1 (Exile)
The Queen Returns > Frozen Heart > Truth in Character > Yeti Corruption > Outsider Fire > Queen Recon > Krampus Tradition > Conjure the Wind > Shaman Spirit > Double Vision
Alignment: Exile
Mission Text
Before Completion
An Outrage! The Outsider Queen has ignored my requests for an audience!

This will be her end, but before we Krampus can go to battle, we must ensure the Endless spirit is in our favor. Aldhagrimm taught me to how to conjure the wind, but the spell will backfire without the presence of a glorious battle victor. Fight 5 partner battles and let us conjure together!
After Completion
Your battles have proven most valorous. The spell was a success! Take this Bag of Wind Shards to the Shaman. The King must prepare for glory!