Corporate Overlord Part 2

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Corporate Overlord Part 2
Mission Name Starts From Objective Reward
Poor Synergy Iron Husk (Wasteland) Item Turn-In Arcade Token
Faulty AI Slayer (Barrens Outpost) Challenge - NPC 1250 Credits
Another Signal Mirv (Barrens Outpost) Scavenger Hunt 1500 Credits
It's a Living Mirv (Barrens Outpost) Challenge - NPC 2000 Credits
Extended Contracts Mirv (Barrens Outpost) PvP - Any 5000 Credits
Dragonoid Defection Mirv (Barrens Outpost) Challenge - NPC 5500 Credits
Hidden Signal Mirv (Barrens Outpost) Challenge - NPC 7500 Credits
Network Outage Mirv (Barrens Outpost) Scavenger Hunt 5000 Credits
Complaints Department Iron Husk (Wasteland) Challenge - NPC 10000 Credits
Lucrative Partnership The Lawman (Wasteland) Challenge - NPC 25000 Credits
Five Year Plan The Lawman (Wasteland) Item Turn-In Corporate Espionage