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In addition to codes given by EpicDuel Developers, players can create there own Prize Code in-game. Prize code items given out include arcade token, random gears, random cores and credits. If you create a prize code, remember to share it with everyone because all you need to it make your codes available for everyone!

Create a Unique Prize Code

Step 1: Create a Unique Prize Code

Player can create there own prize code. Click the Upgrade Shop from the Interface and than Create Code.
Before creating a code, be sure that you should use alphanumerical code.
So, you've created a prize code, what do you do now?

Step 2: What will be your Prize Code Unlock?

On your main interface (what you see when not in battle) click the Options available that you want to unlock when you Prize Code is entered. Following items can be unlocked: -
Arcade Token
Random Gear
Random Limited-charge Core
350 Credits

Step 3: How Many Players can Redeem your Prize Code?

In the Create Prize Code section slide the Arrow to the desire number of players. It's the little line with four options to be selected. Following amount of player can get your Prize Code: -
50 Players
100 Players
200 Players
350 Players

Step 4: Create Code

Apart follow above three steps, its time to confirm and create your Prize Code. Be careful before confirming that you must check all the above details once again, further check that your code is alphanumerical.

Step 5: Share Your Code and Track Remaining Quantity

Congratulations! You have created your own Unique Prize Code, now you can share your Code via Tweeter, Facebook or between friends within game. Generally, codes will be completely claimed within an hour, but some go even more quickly. Moreover, you can trace the quantity of Prize Redeemed and Available.
Gift all, and create code happily! And earn achievements like Good Code Crafter.

Guide how to redeem Prize Code.