Cutest Clipping

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Cutest Clipping
Event Mission
Avatar Xraal.png
Location: Xraal (Biological Preserve)
Objective: Turn in 1 Gourdy Sample.
Reward: 2500 Credits
Mission Chain: Gourd Gone Wild
Bio Guard Guidance > Waste Reduction > Teething on Toxins > Quarantine Zone > Perilous Pacifier > Sinister Sample > Sugar...Water > Balanced Diet (Gourdy) > Gourd Gorging > Cutest Clipping > Pumpkin Lord Rises > All Hail the Pumpking
Mission Text
Before Completion
The pumpkin talked to you? And you fed it? You fed it BLOOD? How much? Oh no...If I could facepalm that's what I'd be doing right now! Go back while the anomaly is resting and take a clipping for analysis.
After Completion
This is very bad. The anomaly is mutating uncontrollably. I shudder to think what you may have unleashed.