DNA Harvest

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DNA Harvest
Daily Mission
Avatar Cinderella.png
Location: Cinderella (Biological Preserve)
Objective: ;Challenge and defeat any of the following NPCs 5 times:
Bio Hazard
Frost Reaper
Yeti Hulk
Reward: 250 Credits
Mission Chain: Thesis Proposal
DNA Harvest > Human Component > More Data
Mission Text
Before Completion
Ugh! This new thesis proposal is going to kill me! Maybe you can be of assistance? I'm currently studying the link between humans and the native fauna of Delta V. The biggest obstacle right now is finding enough viable blood samples of the most advanced life forms. As you know, they can be a bit...bitey...especially if they haven't eaten in awhile. Since I’m not interested in being food, someone with more combat experience would be a great help to me.

Battle and defeat 5 Bio Hazards, Yeti Hulks, or Frost Reapers. That should be enough for me to get started on my experiments!
After Completion
Thanks you so much! I could have done it myself, of course, but I needed to collect some research materials from the Archives. Fascinating history of life one Delta V before the human colonists. So tragic that many did not survive the wars we brought upon this world.