Daddy's Girl's Got a Gun

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Daddy's Girl's Got a Gun
Permanent Mission
Avatar Selina.png
Location: Selina (Wasteland)
Objective: Turn in 3 Gunpowder Kegs.
Reward: 500 Credits
Mission Chain: Hunters Only
Halcyon Hunters > Daddy's Girl's Got a Gun > Triple Dog Dare > Use as Directed > Stand Guard
Level: 5
Class: Hunter
Mission Text
Before Completion
My Daddy's on the warpath lately, can't say I reckon I know why, but I got the feeling we're gonna be rampin' up for some action in these parts pretty soon! I'm givin' Brunson the silent treatment since he told me he wants me to have dinner with his Mama (Really. Apparently the menu that night was Shrimp and Fine Grit.), so be a sweetheart and get me 3 Kegs of Gunpowder from the little varmint.
After Completion
Thanks a bunch, partner! Now a little bird told me that that little Marauder out in the Barrens is a-lookin' for some trouble. Why don't you see what he's up to?