Darkeater's Overcharge

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Seasonal Rare
This skill core was introduced during a special in-game event or offer and will return if said event occurs again.

Darkeater's Overcharge

Active Core

Spend HP to mini-Rage, destroying target's armor for 2 turns.
Skill Core Details
Effect: Sacrifice 90 HP to do a mini-Rage that ignores defense based on the percent of Rage you currently have available. Does not consume Rage unless used with full Rage. The attack deals 100% unblockable, ranged Primary damage with damage type based on the equipped weapon. Casts an effect that annihilates the target's armor.
Duration: 2 Turns
Item: Armors
Glorified Darkeater Armor A Tag-rare.png
Glorified Darkeater Armor A CC Tag-rare.png
Glorified Darkeater Armor B Tag-rare.png
Glorified Darkeater Armor B CC Tag-rare.png
Energy: 0 Energy