Dead End

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Dead End
Permanent Mission
Avatar SethJuron.png
Location: Seth Juron (Infernal Mines)
Objective: Challenge and defeat Overlord Guard 1 time.
Reward: 1000 Credits
Mission Chain: Ode to the Oathbreaker
Taken > Asking for Directions > Dead End > Desperate Search > An Unexpected Revelation
Mission Text
Before Completion
I have learnt that there is an omniscient repository of data in Delta V - the sentient android, M4TR1X. It seems that this fact is widely known, so it is curious how a certain someone failed to mention it when we first met... Nonetheless, I still retain some faith in you, and you can salvage your reputation by seeking the android's aid. An obstruction from the Empire stands in our path, however. Eliminate the Overlord Guard and approach M4TR1X for help.
After Completion
So the all-knowing avatar of the planet's systems has no clue about the syndicate's whereabouts, let alone that of my daughter. How, precisely, did you phrase your questions? Or were you denied even an audience? I should smite you where you stand! I am finally - finally! - so close to finding her, yet fate and fools thwart me at every corner. I can wait no longer. My daughter's life and livelihood are at stake, and I'll go through every person on this planet if that's what it takes.