Dead Memories

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Dead Memories
Event Mission
Avatar Charfade.png
Location: Charfade (Barrens Outpost)
Objective: Challenge and defeat Dragonoid Spawn 100 times.
Reward: Mer'a Artifact
Mission Chain: Hero of Mer'a
Crushing Bones > Stalling for Time > Never-ending Torture > Dead Memories
Mission Text
Before Completion
While this may not be necessary in aiding you in battle, I have one final request for you. About my past - the Dragonoid came with me from a different universe. Unless we banish him once and for all, the Spawns will keep regenerating over and over. I don't feel safe anymore, despite every one wanting to protect me this time... Can you defeat the Dragonoid Spawns and put my mind at ease?
After Completion
Thank you... I worked too hard to be defeated by the likes of Spawns, and the people of Delta V need me. They need you, too. I need you. We need to watch each other's backs, and fight for our survival - especially with these regional wars wreaking havoc all over the continent.