Digital X's Celtic Creation

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Digital X's Celtic Creation
Mission Name Starts From Objective Reward
Celtic Conditioning Oz (Central Station) PvP - Any 10000 Credits
A Hazardous Situation Oz (Central Station) Challenge - NPC 10000 Credits
A Dual Duel Nightwraith (Wasteland) Challenge - NPC 20000 Credits
Serious Supplies Oz (Central Station) Item Turn-in 15000 Credits
Analysis Required Cinderella (Biodome) Item Turn-in 10000 Credits
Making a List Cinderella (Biodome) Challenge - NPC 25000 Credits
Checking It Twice Cinderella (Biodome) Challenge - NPC 20000 Credits
Rounding Up Cinderella (Biodome) Item Turn-in 15000 Credits
Luck of the Irish Cinderella (Biodome) Item Turn-in 20000 Credits
Celtic Creation Complete Oz (Central Station) Item Turn-in Clover Key