Dispel the Demon

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Dispel the Demon
Event Mission
Avatar Administrator 12.png
Location: Administrator 12 (Afterlife)
Objective: Turn in 1 Demonic Soul.
Reward: Admin 12 Letter
Mission Chain: Heartbreaker Saga 2 (Part 1)
EVP > Lost Son > Lifetime Memories > I Doubt They're Friendly > Vanquish the Void > Breakdown of Diplomacy > Broken Defenses > Seven Deadlies > Dispel the Demon > Father and Son
Mission Text
Before Completion
When I said there was no sign of any heaven or hell, I was not entirely truthful. I’m fairly certain that one of the Void Creatures is actually a demon. It has tormented all of us souls doomed to wander this plane of existence.

Defeating the demonic Void Creature will reveal a Demonic Soul.
After Completion
Well-fought, Citizen! Do not despair, for this isn’t the End. I don’t say this because of my faith, but because in the years I’ve been here, I haven’t found Amrita or Lyssandra. Everyone I’ve met in the Afterlife died on Delta V, but my wife and daughter died on Delta VI. Take this message back to Lysander -- the Negawraith.