Dream Seeker

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Dream Seeker
Event Mission
Avatar Titan.png
Location: Titan (Frysteland)
Objective: Turn in 1 Dragonoid Nightmare Essence.
Reward: 5000 Credits
Mission Chain: Hunter of Nightmare Part 3
Dream Seeker > Yeti Inspector > Krampus Care > Void Sundered > Tears of the Void > Blood of the Void > Pact Fulfilled > The Void Sundered > Nightmare Emissary > Nightmare Slayer
Mission Text
Before Completion
Nightmare Essence. It's never a good sign when this appears, is it? Sadly, the barrier between dimensions has frayed to the point that even my power cannot defend this realm from the incursion of the Nightmare.
After Completion
I fear the Nightmare Parasites already infest these lands. We must act quickly to secure Frysteland before it is overrun.