Dreams of the Void

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Dreams of the Void
Event Mission
Avatar Thalyssa.png
Location: Thalyssa (West Naval Yard)
Objective: Challenge and defeat Pirate Soldier 10 times.
Reward: 2000 Credits
Mission Chain: The Pirate's Nightmare Part 2
Dreams of the Void > The Nightmare Spreads > Nightmare Prince > Nightmare Tether > Dreams of the Dead > Nightmare Gate > Nightmare Preppers > Prisoner of the Nightmare > Nightmare's End (Mission) > The Waking World
Mission Text
Before Completion
The tides of chaos have finally reached our shores. For every mad pirate we lock away, 10 more spill from their hideouts. Help me contain this mutiny by putting down 10 Pirate Soldiers!
After Completion
How can this be happening? This must be a source to this? The Nightmare Crystals are locked away! Perhaps Caden was correct and the Nightmare has begun to spill into our world directly.