Edgar Boothe

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Edgar Boothe
Welcome to Frysteland's Legion Outpost! Though it pained me greatly to do so, I cut off ties with Alydriah to independently govern this region. I believe the Legion can be a force for civilization and progress in this impoverished land without resorting to the barbaric acts formerly associated with my alignment.

I have ordered the soldiers under my command to retrain the corrupted yetis to reduce their aggressive tendencies, but be warned -- they are still dangerous and will fight if provoked!
Location: Frysteland
Shop: Edgar Boothe's Inventory
Missions: Edgar Boothe's Missions
Drops: Boothe's Badge Tag-rare.png
Perfect Ice Gem Tag-rare.png
War Bomb Tag-rare.png
Stats & Skills
Ally Required
8000 Health
7500 Energy
Primary: Energy Damage (Frost Slayer)
Sidearm: Energy Damage (Frostbolt Blaster)

Berzerker.png DoubleStrike.png FieldMedic.png HybridArmor.png PlasmaCannon.png PlasmaGrenade.png StunGrenade.png

  • Can change your alignment to Legion.