Egg-citing Adventure

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Egg-citing Adventure
Event Mission
Avatar Brachylagus.png
Location: Brachylagus (Biological Preserve)
Objective: Turn in 1 Nemesis Egg, 5 Nightmare Eggs, 5 Nuclear Eggs and 5 Omega Eggs.
Reward: Lagomorph Battlegear E
Mission Chain: Bundorable Chores
Guinea Pig > Extensive Combat Data > Nuclear Omelette > Adorable Taskmaster > Nightmare Fuel > Earn Your Ears > Egg-citing Adventure
Mission Text
Before Completion
So, the bunny adventure wasn't enough and you're craving for more? How about this - I can give you the Energy version of our Battlegear, if you bring me back all the different Eggs.

I will require:

5 Nuclear Eggs from Big Tuna, Immancence and Transcendence.

5 Nightmare Eggs from Caden, Slayer and RabbleFroth.

5 Omega Eggs from Charfade, Nightwraith and Titan.

1 Nemesis Egg from those vile wretches Alydriah, Armor Hazard and Administrator 10.
After Completion
Quite impressive! You've also taken quite a beating, but it was your choice to undertake this task! Enjoy your weapon, human!