Elegy for a Tuna

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Elegy for a Tuna
Event Mission
Avatar GammaGuard.png
Location: Gamma Guard (West Naval Yard)
Objective: Turn in 1 Health Sludge.
Reward: 2750 Credits
Mission Chain: Waves of Wrath Part 2
The Shadow Over Tuna > From the Dark > Search the Shadows > Manpower > Weapons Dealers > Weapon Forging > Final Shakedown > Guard Detail > Knowledge of the Deep > Elegy for a Tuna
Mission Text
Before Completion
Do you SERIOUSLY think fighting me right now is a wise idea!? Whose side are you on? Get me a Health Sludge fast. If I'm going to get patched up and ready for battle, I need to get healed fast.
After Completion
Right. I have some info for you, to keep in mind, and we can jump into the fray.

I... can't find them. Don't tell me you...?

Alright, I will explain. This place, this Armor, it's a curse. I thought I could deal with this mess on my own, even at the cost of my own life. I didn't want to get others involved. Guards are meant to protect others, not the other way round. I got ahead of myself and it's too late now. Somehow Tuna is the key to all of this, and now that they save her, she'll wake the one who sleeps undying beneath the waves.

Do you hear that low drumming from the waters? Those are His footsteps. He is Awakened.