Endless M4tr1x (NPC)

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Endless M4tr1x
The power of the Endless has lingered on Delta V long enough to be analyzed and assimilated by the AI overseeing this world, thus resulting in my creation. Though I cannot perfectly contain and express the full capabilities of the extra-dimensional being, I still have enough energy to items that may be of use to you for increasing your chances of survival.

Omega Wolf Shards can be used to gain access to this repository of items.
Location: Frysteland
Shop: Endless M4tr1x's Inventory
Missions: Endless M4tr1x's Missions
Drops: Omega Wolf Shard
Stats & Skills
20000 Health
30000 Energy
Primary: Energy Damage (Endless Scythe E)
Sidearm: Energy Damage (Bareknuckle Blaster E)
Auxiliary: Physical Damage (Bareknuckle Breaker P)

Berzerker.png BloodLust.png Bludgeon.png DoubleStrike.png FieldMedic.png Fire Scythe.png FireRain.png Frenzy.png Overload.png PlasmaBolt.png PlasmaRain.png Reroute.png StaticCharge.png StaticGrenade.png

Awards Legendary Endless M4tr1x achievement if defeated.
Legendary Challenge available for this NPC.