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The EpicDuel Forums officially merged with the Artix Entertainment Forums on November 30th, 2010. After the forum merger between the two forums, the EpicDuel Forums were locked to new posts and registration. It was kept for the purpose of being an archive.

The EpicDuel Forum Archives is located at forums.epicduel.com/phpBB3
The archive is currently offline can cannot be viewed, it is not known whether it will be accessible in the future.

Forum Merger Announcement

Hey guys, I just wanted to make an official announcement for merger deadline with the AE Forum. We're planning a transitional phase starting November 15th and a final merger deadline of November 30th. This means that after the 15th, we will gradually start to limit posting here to encourage people to become more active on the new board. On the 30th, posting and registration will be disabled on this forum completely. This forum will still be available for viewing, however.

We wanted to give all of you guys plenty of time to create and account over on the AEF if you haven't already. Our mods and several AKs from this forum have been working like mad to build a new forum that reflects the current ED Forum. This structure is currently hidden, but it will come online as we approach the merger date, most likely at the start of the November 15th transitional date.

We want this to go as smoothly as possible, so if you have any questions or comments, feel free to PM myself, Circe, or any other forum staff and we'll be happy to help!