Eternal Gift

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Eternal Gift
Event Mission
Avatar The Endless.png
Location: The Endless (Frysteland)
Objective: Turn in 1 Eye of the Void.
Reward: Aldhagrimm's Heart
Mission Chain: Frozen Fury Part 3
Coming Together > The End for Endless > SQUIRREL! > Snow-splosions > In a Flash > Scribbles > Poached Yeti > Copper Ritual > Yeti Hunt > Void Soup > Eternal Gift
Mission Text
Before Completion
You call upon me? I require tribute, Mortal.
After Completion
I have given Aldhagrimm the gift she yearned for most, the gift of death. I am free to return to the Void, but her magic has left a tear in the veil; an opening to the Void and the Afterlife. Your world is not yet safe.