Executive Execution

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Executive Execution
Event Mission
Avatar Lawman.png
Location: The Lawman (Wasteland)
Objective: Challenge and defeat Nightmare Husk once.
Reward: Corporate Crusher
Mission Chain: Corporate Overlord Part 3
Underground Uprising > Husk's Gambit > Intern Interrogation > Miner Inconvenience > Intern Invasion > Husk Buster (Mission) > Magic Bullet > Husk-Proof Husk > Husk Cracker > Abyssal Arbitration > Executive Execution
Mission Text
Before Completion
This is it, kid! Your last dance with this vile varmint: Nightmare Husk! Clease my beautiful Wasteland of his stink for good!
After Completion
You did it, kid! Iron Husk and his eye-sore of a factory are gone for good! I didn't expect him to get blasted to atoms, but he must've overloaded his suit trying to get the best of ya. That's what he gets for tanglin' with The Lawman!

I wonder what made him turn so bad so fast. Could be the radiation from the Wastes. Could be infection from being so close to the Abyss. My guess is he was always rotten. Sometimes all it takes for a man to bare his true self is for him to get a taste of power. Whatever his story, it's done now. If I can find his helmet, I'll add it to my trophy room.