Extended Contracts

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Extended Contracts
Event Mission
Avatar Mirv.png
Location: Mirv (Barrens Outpost)
Objective: Win 10 random solo (1vs1), team (2vs2) or juggernaut (2vs1) battles.
Reward: 5000 Credits
Mission Chain: Corporate Overlord Part 2
Poor Synergy > Faulty AI > Another Signal > It's a Living > Extended Contracts > Dragonoid Defection > Hidden Signal > Network Outage > Complaints Department > Lucrative Partnership > Five Year Plan
Mission Text
Before Completion
There might be other contractors installing Collectors right under our noses! Sniff out other interlopers installing the Collectors by winning 10 PvP battles.
After Completion
That should put a stop to Collector construction for now, but there are still more out there!