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Eternal Paradise Faction Page


Faction Intro

Welcome to the Eternal Paradise page, formerly known as Alliance of the Loreans. The faction was founded on June 29th, 2010 by Elf Priest JZaanu.

As the Alliance of the Loreans honorably disbanded, the 2nd chapter has now arisen...

Born in a time where powerful factions out-dueled one another for the control of Delta V and all its parameters, a faction was born for the soldier who chose to live independently from those wars...

Eternal Paradise is a home for the individual who chooses freedom and joy. Joy to duel as long as the smile remains upright. Freedom to experience the happiness and the beauty that lays within the grit and ruggedness of Delta V.

The Eternal Paradise has brought together the toughest of sturdy warriors, and the craftiness of ancient spell casters. We are of all different maturities, and we all are of different legends.

We all have fused together to radiate a rainbow so powerful, yet so tender as if it was originated from a gentle flame of a single candlelit wax votive.

We have none of commitments, and with commitments of none, our boundaries are endless and shall remain so.

We have the ability to manifest ourselves, though we can conceal our progressiveness, yet we continually ascend to evolve and grow.

To show strength and courage is only one aspect, for the mirror also reflects compassion and community for all within our realm and to all whom dwell beyond the Eternal Gates.

The laws and the founding principals of Eternal Paradise are only of respect to one's self and to respect others. The golden commandments that have been presented from beyond the world of Delta V must be abided and honored. Any act or commit behavior in which any violates our founding principals or the golden commandments will terminate the ability to roam the pastures of the Eternal Paradise.

Eternal Paradise.png

Candlelit expression...

"Eternally United within the Freedom of Paradise" -Elf Priest JZaanu
"Eternal Paradise, What's not to Like?"- Flath
"There’s no time for us. There’s no place for us. What is this thing that builds our dreams yet slips away from us. Paradise, the wish of many, the curse of few." -Experta

Eternal Musical Compilation

Somewhere over the Rainbow - Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole
We Made It - Busta Rhymes featuring Linkin Park
Silver Dream - Jun
This is War - 30 Seconds to Mars


Open to all players with no restrictions. Inactivity period and faction commitments are varied. All final decisions will be made by Eternal Paradise's Commanding Generals.

Faction Members


Former Members

Recycling Bin Jatar The Legend ThalesWO Guardian Angel 19 roirraw techno001 Xx Lotus xX
Pyeonkang button33 Chubbs Lightning Serpent comicalbiker The Eternal Knight The Unknown Legend
whitewraith Zean Zapple Capt.Zero Summers The Golden II El Veneno Khannibal
Savor Devils Wraith Sir Lancer Flath Moesha

Note: Names are as of the date they left; they may or may not be correct now.


Level and Influence

  • Level 10 - Harbingers - 1,598,121

  • Eternal Paradise is aligned with Exile. We have one World Domination and 339 alignment victories.
1vs1 Wins

  • Eternal Paradise currently has 177,172 1vs1 wins, We have two 1vs1 Championships.
2vs2 Wins

  • Eternal Paradise currently has 38,422 2vs2 wins. We have two 2vs2 Championships.
Juggernaut Wins

  • Eternal Paradise currently has 386 Juggernaut wins. We have no Juggernaut Championships.

Gallery Pictures 1-50: Gallery 1

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