Fashion Disaster

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Fashion Disaster
Permanent Mission
Avatar Valestra.png
Location: Valestra (Fortune City)
Objective: Turn in 1 Steve's Oil.
Reward: 250 Credits
Mission Chain: Vengeful Ventures
Fashion Disaster > Profit Margins > False Fuel > Damaged Goods > Full Refund
Mission Text
Before Completion
Regional wars, ancient bugs in the Wasteland, and intergalactic invader have been rough for business. It doesn't help that there are so many competing businesses in Fortune City. I'll need your help to get my finances back on track. My plan is to undermine every other business in Fortune City to promote my own. Not forever -- I'm not a monster - just long enough to pay my bills. Let's start with Steve 2.0 because he is easily distracted. Sneak into his salon and steal his oil. That'll slow him down!
After Completion
If he wants more oil, he'll need to go through my connections. Good luck styling hair with rusty clippers!