Fighting for Fabulous

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Fighting for Fabulous
Permanent Mission
Avatar Steve 2.0.png
Location: Steve 2.0 (Fortune City)
Objective: ;Challenge and defeat any of the following NPCs 7 times:
Desert Guard
Reward: 200 Credits
Mission Chain: Urban Fashion
Fighting for Fabulous > Fashion Forward > Ineptitude and Iniquities > District Disasters > Paint the Town
Level: 10
Mission Text
Before Completion
You humans today! You have no self respect. Running around in those fashion nightmares you call armors. But some of you are more guilty of this than others. I'm really not a fighter -- it's not in my programming, darling -- but I could make it worth your while if you fight the unfashionable. The worst offenders are Anya, Marauder, and the Desert Guards. Be a dear and get 7 wins off of them.
After Completion
Not quite the Fashion Police, but I suppose you'll do. What I wouldn't give to be designing for the runways in Jumerna or the 2nd District. But, alas, I'm not programmed to leave District 12. Think you could do me another favor?