Frozen Frenzy Finale

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Frozen Frenzy Finale
Event Mission
Avatar Bido.png
Location: Bido (Afterlife)
Objective: Challenge and defeat Bido.
Reward: Frozen Frenzy Collector
Mission Chain: Frozen Frenzy Collector
Swords of Fire > Swords of Ice > Claws of Fire > Claws of Ice > Axes of Fire > Axes of Ice > Staffs of Fire > Staffs of Ice > Frozen Frenzy Test > Frozen Frenzy Finale
Mission Text
Before Completion
Anyone can beat 5 random denizens of Delta V. Only the truly skilled can defeat me! Challenge me and defeat me in battle to prove yourself worthy of my special Frozen Frenzy badge.
After Completion
Please wear this badge with pride! Please send some "Gifters" my way, would you? It gets lonely here and bringing some holiday cheer would surely do wonders to add life to the land of the dead!