Fuel Cell Guardian

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This mission was introduced during a special in-game event or offer and may no longer be available.

Fuel Cell Guardian
Event Mission
Avatar Deuce.png
Location: Deuce (Wasteland)
Objective: Challenge and defeat Overlord Guard 10 times.
Reward: 2500 Credits
Mission Chain: A Box of Scraps Part 3
Powered by Goo > Fuel Cell Guardian > Gamma-Powered Goon > Atomic Antagonist > Onslaught Engine > Three Orders of Nightmare > Three Orders of Nuclear > One Order of Nemesis > One Order of Omega > All Assembly Require > The Tyrant King
Mission Text
Before Completion
The Overlord Facility has lot of weapons and ammo, but also plenty of vehicles and AI piloting systems that could be useful for this beast's brain. Defeat the Overlord Guard 10 times to guarantee safe passage.
After Completion
With this tech, I won't even need to install a steering wheel! I will, but I don't have to!