George Lowe

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George Lowe
Greetings mortal. I have traveled incalculable lightyears to seek out the most worthy adversaries from across the known Universe to add to my collection of fallen souls! ...Also to add to my collection of tiny ceramic kittens. What? It's a hobby.

If you're scared, I'm always up for mercenary work. As you know, George Lowe: Space Warrior is all about the money, baby! Ka-ching!
Location: Fortune City
Drops: ProtoSartorium Blueprint
Stats & Skills
5200 Health
2850 Energy
Primary: Energy Damage
Sidearm: Physical Damage (Skullfire Blaster)

Berzerker.png BloodLust.png BunkerBuster.png CheapShot.png Fire Scythe.png DoubleStrike.png FieldMedic.png StunGrenade.png

Awards Tungsten Fist achievement if defeated.
  • George Lowe takes 250 extra damage from all weapons with Icy Chill skill core.
  • Can change your class for 450 Varium or 25,000 Credits.
  • You can purchase Varium for Artix Points from this NPC.