Golden Gun Gal

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Golden Gun Gal
Permanent Mission
Avatar Valery.png
Location: Valery (Fortune City)
Objective: Turn in 1 Gold Bullets.
Reward: Outlaw Elite
Mission Chain: Guilded Guns
Cleanup > Sweet Teeth > Naptime! > Restock > Golden Gun Gal
Mission Text
Before Completion
Thanks for your help with the resupply. Now, I've got something extra special for you if you still have those Gold Bullets I gave ya!
After Completion
Thanks so much! Would you believe they tried to sneak a bike out with a power lifter while one guard was trying -- and failing -- to flirt with me? Let's just say all they left with was a few new holes in their body armor and cracked helmets!

You probably want a reward or something? Take this Outlaw Elite.