Gourd Intermission

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Seasonal Rare
This mission was introduced during a special in-game event or offer and will return if said event occurs again.

Gourd Intermission
Event Mission
Avatar ElonMusk.png
Location: Elon Musk (Wasteland)
Objective: Win 10 random solo (1vs1) or team (2vs2) battles.
Reward: Arcade Token
Mission Chain: Gourd Grinding
Rebranding > Good Gourd > Bad Gourd > Gourd Intermission > Gourd Core
Mission Text
Before Completion
Searching for these items must feel like a grind by now. Don’t worry, you’re almost done. Why don’t you break up the monotony by fighting a few duels? Defeat 10 opponents in random 1v1 or 2v2 battles and report back to me. I should have your final task ready by then!
After Completion
Excellent! Why don’t you take a break and try my new arcade game in Valestra’s Arcade? The prizes are incredible!

Seeing my face on a game like that makes me nostalgic for game development. If I weren’t so busy solving global energy crises, colonizing worlds, and revolutionizing transport, I’m sure I could dive back into game programming!