Guard Duty

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Guard Duty
Daily Mission
Avatar ExileLeader.png
Location: Exile Leader (Dread Plains)
Objective: ;Challenge and defeat any of the following NPCs 5 times:
City Guard
Desert Guard
Heavy Guard
Mine Guard
Heavy Mine Guard
Reward: 350 Credits
Mission Chain:
Thinning the Ranks > Guard Duty > Watch Your Back
Alignment: Exile
Mission Text
Before Completion
Legion guards aren't the toughest opponents around, but they do make it difficult for Exiles to move freely through contested regions. Take out 5 Guards and report back when you're done. They're posted all over, but the weakest are located in Fortune City and Central Station. Happy hunting, soldier!
After Completion
Nice work! Maybe now I can travel through Fortune City without being hassled by some Legion lackey with something to prove!