Halcyon Hunters

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Halcyon Hunters
Permanent Mission
Avatar Tamaril.png
Location: Tamaril (Biological Preserve)
Challenge and defeat any of the following NPCs 10 times:
City Guard
Desert Guard
Exile Soldier
Heavy Guard
Shadow Guard
Reward: 100 Credits
Mission Chain: Hunters Only
Halcyon Hunters > Daddy's Girl's Got a Gun > Triple Dog Dare > Use as Directed > Stand Guard
Class: Hunter
Mission Text
Before Completion
Halcyon means happy and carefree, and I can think of no better word to describe how a born fighter feels in this day and age where casual brawls are the norm. Too violent for my blood. But perhaps it would bring you joy to fight some of the soldiers and guards who threaten our survival. Defeat 10 of them and return for your next assignment.
After Completion
Thank you for clearing out some of the guards and soldiers- I’d just be happy for peace one day. For your next assignment, find one Miss Selina St. Alban to see what she requires.