Harvest Reaper (Club)

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Harvest Reaper
Wep harvest reaper club.png
1100 Rarity Score (?)

Wep harvest reaper club2.png
Weapon Details
Damage Type: Physical
Equipment Type: Mutating Club
Special: Jack-O-Fire
Class Requirement: Mercenary or Tactical Mercenary
Location: Arcade Prize (Snork's Stash)
Snork (Wasteland) Tag-rare.png
Credit Price: Creditsicon.png 27500 - 40700
Credit Sellback: Creditsicon.png 13750 - 20350
Varium Price: Variumicon.png 725 - 1605
Varium Sellback: Variumicon.png 109 - 241
Wep harvest reaper club3.png