Head-Bashing Opportunity

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Head-Bashing Opportunity
Permanent Mission
Avatar Shadow Guard.png
Location: Shadow Guard (Fortune City)
Challenge and defeat any of the following NPCs 12 times:
Bio Guard
City Guard
Desert Guard
Exile Soldier
Heavy Bio Guard
Heavy Guard
Heavy Mine Guard
Mine Guard
Reward: 600 Credits
Mission Chain: Vendettas
Female Troubles > Saccharine Sentiments‎ > Head-Bashing Opportunity > Incidental Reports > Random Spoils
Level: 16
Mission Text
Before Completion
Move along, Citizen, or you will be elim... oh, Valery sent you over to me, eh? Well, Citizen, I've got a few assignments for you. See, I'd like to get my assigned tasks done so that I can get to my non-work life already. You know, kick up my feet, take off the helmet, maybe watch some idiotic game show where people answer trivia for a million Credits, or catch up on the latest exploits of Jim and Skra'alis: Intergalactic Comedian Cops. My first assignment is for some interrogation, maybe you could help me. Get 12 wins from any Exile Soldier, including their leader Lorenzo "Oz" Ozimus, or any Legion guard with a lower rank than me. I'll give you some Credits for your trouble.
After Completion
Thanks, Citizen. I've got a couple more assignments to get finished before the new episode of Val's favorite show: I Dream of J43n-11.