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If you want to become an EpicDuel Wiki Administrator and would like some more information, you have come to the right page. We are constantly looking for new administrators, but this is an invite only position, so do not ask to become an administrator.

Before you should apply to become a wiki administrator, you will need to know the differences between the various positions in our team.

The hierarchy for the EpicDuel Wiki Team is: System Administrator -> Bureaucrats -> Senior Administrators -> Junior Administrators

The System Administrator is responsible for managing and maintaining the systems that ensure the wiki is functioning properly. As the highest ranking member of the wiki team, anything that other staff members are unable to handle should be brought to the system administrator.

Bureaucrats are the second highest ranking members of the wiki team. In addition to all responsibilities of the administrators, they are also responsible for appointing new junior administrators, promoting junior administrators to senior administrators, renaming users and choosing players to receive "rewards" (Lore Master and/or Rabble's Attack Tome). They can be contacted to resolve any issues that the administrators are unable to handle.

Administrators are split into two sub-groups, Senior Administrators and Junior Administrators.

All newly appointed staff members start out as junior administrators. As new members of the wiki team, they are experiencing their responsibilities as a member of the wiki team. Before proceeding with any major changes, a junior administrator should discuss it with a senior administrator and/or a bureaucrat to ensure that the change is acceptable. Once they have consolidated their knowledge of the wiki and have proven they are ready to progress further, they will be promoted to the senior administrator position. Senior administrators are more experienced members of the wiki team. As they are more knowledgeable of the wiki, it is recommended that they be approached for issues, as compared to junior administrators. The responsibilities of all administrators include creating new pages, deleting unnecessary pages, reverting edits, appointing helpers and enforcing the rules by issuing warnings and/or bans.

If you would still like to know how to become a wiki administrator, here are some important points to remember. Please note: Members of the wiki team are only volunteer players that have no additional powers or privileges in-game or on the forums.

1. You do not need to be 18+ to become an administrator, there is no minimum age requirement.
2. You must be invited to join the team by a bureaucrat. You must not ask to become a wiki administrator, nor ask for how much you still need to do to become a wiki administrator. We are constantly seeking new administrators and look at every edit that is made on the wiki, so you do not need to worry about being missed. If you feel like you deserve to become a wiki administrator, but have not been invited, then you have not contributed enough and should continue to do so. While we will no longer have a formal application process due to the amount of spam applications, there will be a short interview so that we are able to get to know you better.
4. You must be able to follow the rules of the wiki.
5. You must be able familiar with the tools that the wiki uses. Currently, they are Slack for team communication and MeisterTask for task & issue tracking.
6. Your behavior inside and outside of the wiki will be considered and should not be inappropriate.
7. It is strongly recommended that you are able to make an effort to structure and use English sentences + phrases correctly. We understand that many players do not have English as their native tongue, but should be trying to make an effort to use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation so that they can be understood.
8. It is recommended that you are familiar with the code that the wiki uses for advanced level pages, such as template. This can only help you in obtaining a position on the wiki team, but will not negatively impact you if you are unfamiliar with this modified version of HTML.

If you keep these important points in mind when editing on the wiki, your chances to become a wiki administrator should be great! Please note that we will use our professional judgement when considering users to invite to join the team, so do not worry about your past behavior if you have changed.