I can haz caek?

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Seasonal Rare
This mission was introduced during a special in-game event or offer and will return if said event occurs again.

I can haz caek?
Event Mission
Avatar ElectroHazard.png
Location: Electro Hazard (Biological Preserve)
Objective: Turn in 11 Hank's Cakes.
Reward: Cake Launcher
Mission Chain: Party Business
Pre-game > Mischief Makers > I can haz caek? > The Cake Is a Lie > Just Icing on the Cake > Fish Combo Production > Cake and Bacon > 34
Mission Text
Before Completion
SURPRISE! We are having surprise party for Nightwraith, and Electro maded him a cake! But, I eated it. Go see delicious fat man Hank and buy 11 slices of cake so Electro no ruin party!
After Completion
Mmmmm! Cake! Thank you, meat. Electro not eat you...this time.

There note in cake from fat Hank. He have mission for you. I hope mission to bring more cake to me!