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Peace be with you #CLASS and your ape-like kind. As my brother has said, we are here to reclaim what is ours, and we are here to change this planet back to what we once knew before. This planet was never yours and never shall it be yours.

I know that peace was never an option for your primitive kind so do expect the death and extinction of you and your beef-witted people.

For your consideration, I would most solemnly recommend you to submit to the will of my father, the Kaiser.
Location: Overlord Facility
Shop: Immanence's Inventory
Drops: Crest of the Daughter
Immanence's Reaper
Nuclear Egg
Stats & Skills
2500 Health
2500 Energy
Primary: Physical Damage (Immanence's Reaper)
Sidearm: Physical Damage
Auxiliary: Physical Damage (Revelations)

BloodLust.png Bludgeon.png FieldMedic.png Fire Scythe.png PlasmaBolt.png PlasmaCannon.png PlasmaGrenade.png PlasmaRain.png Overload.png Reroute.png